​Classes are held Monday evenings 6:00-8:30, Wednesday mornings from 9:00-11:30

or First and Third Saturday morning 9:00-11:30

Sew Should You

Sewing Lessons with Karlie

Level II - In this class we want to put the skills you learned in Level I to the test, or at least practice them, and add more skills.    Making a robe is the focus here.  By now you know how to figure out what size you need to choose for a pattern (hint--it's not the same as going to the department store).  And then you will start constructing your robe.  Along the way you will be learning new techniques, making your samples to add to your notebook, and gaining confidence in your new sewing skills.  This class runs for 5 weeks and costs $130.  It includes the pattern, but you will be shopping for fabric on your own.  Don't worry, I'll explain exactly what you need to do.

Welcome to Sew Should You.  I would love to teach you to sew or sew better.  At my studio, I offer classes for the beginner as well as for the more experienced sewing enthusiasts.  I have been offering classes for 12 years.  Please take some time to read through all the class descriptions.  And then give me a call to set up your time to come have some sewing fun.

​​​Level I - Let's start with learning the basics while you make an apron.  In Level I you will learn how to work with your sewing machine, patterns, and fabric.  As you work, you will be learning sewing techniques on samples and constructing your own reference book.  This class is 4 weeks and costs $100.  Includes fabric, notebook, and pattern. 

Level III - You should be so proud.  You've completed Level II, but now you need some PJ's to go with that beautiful robe you made.  And that's what you can do in this class.  Yes, we are going to up the game in the skill department.  While you make your pajamas, you are going to learn how to sew in an elastic, make button holes, and sew on buttons.  This class runs for 5 weeks and costs $130.  Again, it includes the pattern and you will be shopping on your own for fabric and notions.



Leve IV - The final class for beginners is where you just learn techniques.  There is no pressure to make anything.  In this class you will learn elastic casings, installing zippers, working with knit fabrics, and some other nifty things.  This class meets for 3 weeks and is $100 and I supply everything.